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Vivian Suter and Elisabeth Wild

Karma International, Los Angeles, California, USA
15 de septiembre de 2017 – 28 de octubre de 2017

The gravel

avocado and mango trees

in their green                 shadows            Volcanoes,                 and their shoot

The paintings breath    The paintings move and are moved by the wind              the            earth
          the rain                      the expanse of rural topics                    the  banana  trees  that
grow                                      close to the house  the self-directed look,       or       the
introspective intent           evolves from picture making,    from mark making, becoming
this              ongoing         contextual collaboration with the jungle of Panajachel
               the real topicsof this place                                             This place is sacred because it
was chosen               The earth the insects the smell of Panajachel as prevalent in the paintings as
Suter’s own marks upon them. Ruth paintings are suited to what surrounds them, and they are
appropriated by what they are surrounded by.    The paintings occupy     in multitudes
in conjunction with one another and alone, the paintings occupy.              Vivian Suter is
wild and alive.        Vivian Suter’s paintings are wild and alive.

Beyond the poetics of self-prescribed distance from the modern world and its chaos, Suter creates her own calendar. The paintings are unstretched, untitled, and undated: tapping the flora and fauna go Guatemala in its folds and pigmentation. There is no separating the jungle from the works for the jungle has been given its own hand, working in tandem and alongside the artist. The escapism and sentimentality of nature is not lost, but celebrated thru surer’s paintings. The paintings are not representations but responses to their environment. Responses to the wilderness of nature, of this environment lived in and worked with by Vivian Suter and her mother, artist Elisabeth Wild.


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