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Umbelina's Cave Gruna

Solo Shows, São Paulo, Brazil
28 de marzo de 2015 – 26 de abril de 2015




From an occidental point of view, the cave is the human cradle and the black box of civilization. The cry, the grunt, the roar, and the scrawls on the stonewall precede the voice, speech and writing. Way before the human, sense existed and remained coded in broken ma- terials and unintelligible traces. Archaeofossils.

The philosopher returns time and again to the cave (in allegory or in person). Poets and thieves return time and again. The prophet lived in a cave for thirty years. For thirty years he adored the sun and con- versed with serpents. The holy virgin seeks the cave to give birth. The walled cities, afraid of whatever the forests hide, replicated the prehistoric stone hideouts of humans.

Beyond the cave, the forest appears as the proper environment for the birth of the alter-human, which is also a matter of gender, fashion and cuisine.

Libidiunga Cardoso (1975) lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Art History (Goldsmiths College, 2007) with a MRes in Humanities and Culture (London Consortium, 2009). His work deals with formal translations of historical material, with a special interest in Latin Amer- ica. Recent exhibitions include ‘Radical Software’, W139, Amsterdam; ‘33rd Panorama da Arte Brasileira’, MAM – SP; ‘Agitprop Abysal’, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw; ‘Contra Escambos’, Palácio das Artes, Belo Horizonte; ‘Mobile Radio BSP’, 30th São Paulo Biennial; ‘Banana Archive’, 17th Festival Sesc VideoBrasil; ‘Disruptive Memo- ries’, Museu Reina Sofia, Madrid; and ‘Talk Show’, Institute of Con- temporary Arts, London. Future exhibitions include the 12th Havana Biennial; and Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels. Libidiunga is a col- laborator of Capacete School in Rio de Janeiro, and also the founder of PPUB, an unofficial political party active in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Photos: Edouard Fraipont


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