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Two Cities - Two Lives

Solo Shows, São Paulo, Brazil
3 de septiembre de 2015 – 3 de octubre de 2015

TK Two Cities - 01



Tobias Kaspar: Two Cities – Two Lives addresses the idea of human relationships complicated by an interwoven web of friendship and work. It takes the form of an installation with photographs accompanied by texts that revolve around abstract notions of the long distance relationships, contemporary relationships in our life in general and precarious labor situations. Long distance relationships are a phenomenon ever more present within our jet and Internet age. They are built on trust and promises, yet the lack of physical affection and a good dose of trying to catch up via instant messaging characterize them. The photographs appear to be memory fragments from moments spent “together”, and ask questions on the economic and sociological benefits of normative bonding propagated by merchandising. The Heart-Bite Valentines Day Teddy (2015) presented here epitomizes the longing for togetherness and tenderness. The teddy’s chest carries an emblematic sign of heartbreak and on its butt an attached poem composed from modified text excerpts taken from an early internet-age dating film.

These works are balanced by a new collection that highlights the home as a retreat for the care of the body and the soul. TOBIAS KASPAR Home stems from the context of its presentation, the apartment gallery and is launched with a display of treated utilitarian objects commonly used for domestic purposes. This new line draws on previous projects by the artist developing fashion collections that are designed, produced and distributed outside of the mainstream retail sector.

Following the opening of Tobias Kaspar: Two Cities – Two Lives at SOLO SHOWS in São Paulo, the concept store Frey Kalioubi in Rio de Janeiro is staging a reproduced version of the exhibition. Shaped to its new condition in Rio de Janeiro Two Cities – Two Lives becomes a showroom apartment – entirely for sale.


Courtesy of Solo Shows, São Paulo


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