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Sun Splashed

Pérez Art Museum MIami, Miami, Florida, USA
19 de noviembre de 2015 – 21 de febrero de 2016




Pérez Art Museum Miami presents Sun Splashed, the largest exhibition of Nari Ward’s found object sculptures and groundbreaking installations to date. This mid-career survey, featuring work from the 1990s to today, also showcases lesser-known aspects of his practice such as photography, video, and collage. Taken together, Ward’s oeuvre speaks with penetrating insight and imagination to a broad range of themes, including African- American history and culture, the dynamics of power and politics, and Caribbean diaspora identity.

“We’re pleased to mount this important mid-career survey of Nari Ward’s work as part of our commitment to bringing internationally influential contemporary artists to PAMM. In our local context, it’s especially interesting to draw out the aspects of Ward’s practice that reference his native Jamaica, the politics of immigration, and the search for cultural identity—issues of particular relevance to the city of Miami,” said Diana Nawi, the exhibition’s curator and associate curator at PAMM. “Sun Splashed is an overdue opportunity for a close consideration of Ward’s diverse and experimental production that has pushed the boundaries of sculpture.”

Emerging alongside a notable group of African-American artists who rose to prominence in the 1990s, Nari Ward’s massive and tactile approach to art-making has expanded contemporary definitions of installation, assemblage, and site-specificity. His deft use of found objects imbues his work with a visceral relationship to history and the real world, allowing him to challenge viewers’ perceptions of familiar objects and experiences. Ward’s innovative approach has earned him numerous prestigious awards, including the Rome Prize and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Photo: Elisabeth Bernstein, Will Brown, Lee Jaffe, Steven Rose, EG Schempf
Courtesy of the artist and PAMM, Miami


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