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Speaking about Best

François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
7 de septiembre de 2013 – 2 de noviembre de 2013




Looking everywhere for low-cost, robust quality artwork? Go someplace else.

François Ghebaly isn’t proud to present some of the worst merchandise by Neïl Beloufa. All artwork comes with an «originality» dilemma and so we understand that the lack of originality brings minimal meaning to otherwise invigorating cultural experiences. Keeping that in mind, we can’t offer you a unique solution. This is sub-standard materials and shoddy craftsmanship combined into a truly derivative product.

The product is the problem, the object not worth the effort.

We can pretend of course with half-understood words and derivative ideas. We can write about «critiques of capitalism,» or «the rhetoric of boosterism,» or better «the theatre of consumer desire that penetrates the quotidian, our inner cores.» And if we were feeling exceptionally deceptive, we could insert phrases like «the most significant» or «the leading artist of this generation» and other deplorable superlatives. But why must we continue to fake it? We both know this sucks.
Now comes the worst part—while most artworks succeed in their ease of storage, these bulky, unwieldy objects are also difficult to store after use. Beloufa’s work occupies more space while still giving you the least original ideas. While it employs empty gestures and garbled philosophy, it can never be easily dismantled into convenient storage units and impossible to reduce to a single unmuddied brand.

As regards any issues pertaining to repairs and replacements, our services are completely unavailable. As part of our introductory offer, we are asking you to enter a waiting list until you’re allowed to pay.

We want your home to be the cleanest in the neighborhood, so this artwork really isn’t for you. It really doesn’t matter to us!

– Andrew Berardini

Photos by Robert Wedemeyer.
Courtesy of François Ghebaly Gallery.




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