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Selected Drawings

Ruberta, Glendale, California, USA
20 de enero de 2018 – 18 de febrero de 2018

Lodos presents Selected Drawings, a two-person exhibition by Mexico City-based artists Elsa-Louise Manceaux and Diego Salvador Rios. The show is comprised of a selection of drawings made between 2008 and 2018.

Selected Drawings is an attempt to map a daily occurrence in both artists’ practices. Both Manceaux and Salvador Rios see drawing as research towards different ends, for Manceaux it is that of development and for Salvador Rios a concern for collectivity.

Manceaux’s drawings point towards a passing in time and decision-making. Her ensemble of works dates from 2012 to 2018 and processes a development in interests, surfaces, materials, and confidence. The works have been allowed to appear in dialogue to propose certainty in themes through compositional decisions. The four panels in the exhibition are large-scale works assembled by the artist’s imaginary taking in consideration a connection between narrative, formal and technical qualities.

Salvador Rios’ drawings point towards his prolific production and his relationship with language and poetry. His selected works are just a minor grouping of his thoughtful making and collecting from 2008 to 2018. The drawings are a collection of mementos that the artist has found, has been given, and has fabricated. The works are all listed individual as to infer their singularity in form and narrative.


Elsa-Louise Manceaux (Paris, 1985) works primarily in drawing and painting. The formal concerns present in her work evolved from Manceaux’s personal interest into the history of satire, comics and narrative humor – tracing dichotomous relations between the concepts of progress and synthesis, information and deformation, drawing and subversiveness, as the underlining scope for the way she treats the subjects of her pictures.

Diego Salvador Rios (Mexico City, 1988) is an artist and researcher. His production is based on the poetic production in terms of language and relationships, for this he explores the intersection between art and curatorial practices, mainly through the construction of collective situations and experiences that investigate the politics of representation and the production of knowledge. 


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