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Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles, California, USA
16 de marzo de 2014 – 26 de abril de 2014




Airport, chair,
The roosevelt hotel airport lounge is popular!
They have some kind of local Croatian vodka, that is also a well vodka, along with higher-end Grey Goose and other vodkas.

In this lounge all sorts of gemstone benefits of using Turkish Air is that you can use a status match to earn gold – over two years with 37,000 miles to maintain milage plus points – which basically per year is almost a third of what you need in ‘miles and more’ – which is part, NO – GOLD. You can take showers at arrival and free bags and choose seats and less lines – no extra bags, you get THREE bags.
There is also a huge house white wine that tastes bad – two of our friends hosed up wearing two totally tiny miniskirts dresses. Do you have a master card wifi code passport number star alliance ticket number cocktail dress? Tell me when to stop – one, two, three, baby fingers.

We’re sitting here in the roosevelt airport hotel satellite lounge – it’s blurry – Egyptian – this place was nothing like those last nights – it’s so textured – and curtains.

Are you going to Atlanta too? Chicago? Oh me too – I mean not right now, but that’s where I’m from – I mean not originally – but I lived there – once – well for a few weeks – in Venice Beach on one of those surfer storefronts. The ones right on the beach? Oh I mean Chicago – on Lake Michigan – can I refer your glass ma’am? Or would you like another bottle of white wine? Tell me when to stop.
Annnnd were up.
Now after two glasses of that solid whiskey I’m on a very tiny bar – up on top of this building, the rustic view viewrusticaBeachy, soooo tan – I mean really tan!

A dry fountain – 16 ounce tomato. Juice. ICE. I’m just going to wear a leather bra – and huge hair out tonight – excuse me are these bags yours? There’s no room – you’re going to have to check these bags – I’m sorry these are computers in here – I’m sorry. The I’m sorry CAFE. My life is a picture – this is a prescription! This is an anxiety dog – I need my antibiotic, it’s IN MY CARRY ON – this is a 13 hour flight are you kidding – I’m going to dry out – I’m going to get eczema I’m going to dehydrate – can you PLEASE MOVE OVER I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM.

I mean I don’t understand exactly how they work necessarily but hold on I’m reading about it right now – it means that, it’s very – I’m just here to – it’s really hard to say – I think I’ll just run over there and grab a bagel – whole wheat yeast free sprouts no bra whateverrrrrrrrrr….. Please. Do you mind waiting here with my things? Two bags – carry-on, luggage, umeshu soda, oh, where are you going? LAX feww under ware free at LAX LAX – the Grand Canyon. Minnesota. Vancouver. Portland. Fly EVERYWHERE. I’m sorry were out of napkins:
Then I’ll have
the wonder greens juice
the anti candida
the prince of london
and the demo elixir.

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (*1984, New York) lives and works in Berlin. He completed the Rijksakademie international artist residency in Amsterdam in 2010 and his undergraduate degree at The Cooper Union School of Art, New York in 2007. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘Lutz-Kinoy’s Loose Bodies’, Elaine – Museum für Gegenwarts Kunst, Basel (2013); ‘Matthew’s Secret’, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam (2013); ‘Werk is Free / Be Free! May Day’, Outpost, Norwich, UK (2013); and KERAMIKOS – a touring exhi- bition with Natsuko Uchino at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Kunsthalle Baden-Baden; Elaine Museum für Gegenwarts Kunst, Basel and Villa Romana Florence (2012-2013). He has staged performances at the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden; Nomas Foundation, Rome; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and the New Museum, New York. His videos have been screened at the Künstler- haus Stuttgart, Berlinale Film Festival; New Museum, New York; and White Chapel Gallery, London.


Courtesy of Freedman Fitzpatrick

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