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Instalación de Amanda Linares "Between Islands and Peninsulas" presentada en Bakehouse Art Complex, EUA

Miami, Florida, EUA
14 noviembre, 2020 – 31 mayo, 2021

On a platform situated just outside the Bakehouse Art Complex’s Audrey Love Gallery, artist Amanda Linares presents Between Islands and Peninsulas. The installation is comprised of three interconnected sculptural tables, each accompanied by an artist book that represent a part of her journey from Havana to Miami in 2013. Through the use of text, images, and found objects, Linares reflects on her immigrant experience, defined by moments of ambiguity, as a transition from one state of the unknown to another.

Between Islands and Peninsulas has three separate elements, installed as a single table, that function as tangible representations of distinct parts of Linares’ journey: the island of Cuba, the ocean between, and the Florida peninsula. The tables have grid-like patterns the artist utilizes to map the spatial relationships between the different places. The grid becomes a way for Linares to contextualize and organize her personal narrative. On the tables, she places artist books that are chapters of a larger story, like topographical elements in a scattered geography.

The construction and placement of the installation also function to guide the narrative quality of the work. They require the viewer to engage directly and intimately with the installation by walking around the table and stopping to navigate the pages of the books. In a way, the viewer is taken on their own journey, mirroring the one Linares represents in Between Islands and Peninsulas, an immigrant’s story that transports you over time, space, and destinations.

Linares’ varied use of materials allows her to create works that are simultaneously delicate yet durable. She seeks to capture the contradictions of the human condition through materiality. In the artist books Todo Sigue IgualAgua Salada, and Alternative Realities, she uses seemingly disparate mediums to convey the coexistence of the contradictory emotions and ideas. The artist books, constructed geographies of text and images, evoke the feelings of nostalgia, displacement, and disorientation Linares experienced during her own diaspora.

Originally, the installation was to be presented as part of the New World School of the Arts’ BFA showcase, which was canceled due to the pandemic. Linares completed the installation during her participation in Bakehouse’s inaugural Summer Painting Open program from June through September 2020.

—Text by Laura Novoa

Amanda Linares is a Cuban-born visual artist who currently lives and works in Miami. Her work expands like branches using an immense variety of media from design and illustration to installation and photography. Influenced by literature and spatial awareness, Linares’ work explores narrative and spacial strategies through the use of reflection, transparency, revelation, found objects, and typographical solutions. Although in constant change, her work intimately dances between many universal issues, such as identity, displacement, absence, and reconnection.

Bakehouse Art Complex

Founded in 1985 by artists for artists, in a former industrial Art Deco-era bakery, Bakehouse Art Complex provides studio residencies, infrastructure, and community to enable the highest level of artistic creativity, development, and collaboration for the most promising talent.

Comprising approximately 100 Miami-based artists deriving from diverse backgrounds, working from painting to performance, traditional to experimental, individual to collective, Bakehouse provides space to develop their practice and build community. Bakehouse is the largest artist studio complex in Miami and houses more than 60 studios of varying sizes, two galleries, a classroom, print room, darkroom, ceramics facilities, and woodworking and welding areas.


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