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Fingerprints of the Gods

Et al. etc., San Francisco, California, USA
23 de julio de 2016 – 20 de agosto de 2016




Presented by Yautepec

After the stars were formed in massive dense clouds of molecular hydrogen and the Earth’s crust had cooled, the unknown came rolling into our end of the milky way and our consciousness became aware.

They came from the upper atmosphere, flesh and blood beings who were looked upon to have created plant life, water and the shadowed light in the night sky and the Sun. The ancient people then reached towards these beings to share with them this new knowledge. They were then compelled by this technology to believe that these gods had also created us.

You are about to experience an awakening, where you will be taken on a journey back in time and through the gateway of the gods to examine the still frames of evidence left behind by ancient civilizations. We can fill your galleries with a thousand instances of ancient astronauts visiting Earth or open the windows that connect you to the gods.

* * * * *

At first, I discounted the cryptic words of the writer. «Naw, it couldn’t possibly be», I thought to myself, while sipping on 50 year-old brandy. But, upon reflection, I became convinced. The sender’s name was UNIDENTIFIED, but what really got me was the subject line of the email which read:

«Is this what you have been looking for?»

Since I live dangerously and am something of an outlaw, I will let you read it, and do with it as you may. Just remember one thing, don’t tell anybody else, or you will be erased out of existence.


Project CARMA:

Commercialization of
Resources for

Our job was to examine recovered alien artifacts and come up with a commercial application for them related to the computer industry. We weren’t the only team working on the artifacts, however.

We had access to an advanced computer system called the LAAC (Luminous Autonomous Agnition Computer). The LAAC was approximately the size of a soda can. Its interface is hard to explain. It didn’t have a screen or projection of any kind. It projected itself into the user’s mind. The object was activated by passing your hand over its top. It was deactivated in the same manner. Upon activation, a projection, an almost dream-like image in vivid color appeared in your head. We were told that the first person to use the device died of a brain embolism within seconds of activation. Apparently, the machine was a learning device that automatically adjusted itself to the human anatomy. The next person to try the device suffered from severe migraines after a few minutes of use. Over time, the machine fully adjusted to the human anatomy and was completely safe to use.

For lack of a better term, we referred to its capabilities as magic.

Photo: Elliott Cost
Courtesy of the artists; Yautepec, Mexico City; and Et al. etc., San Francisco


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