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Radical Abacus, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
8 de julio de 2016 – 14 de agosto de 2016

_Fathoms_ installation shot 1

Jared Weiss_Matador

Kathryn Kerr_Sophy

Motives, form, canvas, sublimation, ink, abandon, apostrophe, oils, contemplation, transfer, projection, filament, reversal, acrylic, irony, coils, conversation, trauma, panel, gesture, hair, linen, synecdoche, mesh, costume, petals, desert… Fathoms are depths of substance and distances of comprehension reached at the body’s intrinsic limit. Provoking the abyss between the artist and her working surface, the paintings in Fathoms gauge the phantom dimensions among bodies and concepts.

Announcing Fathoms, a group exhibition of painting by nine younger artists: Ginny Casey (born 1981, MFA RISD, based in Brooklyn), Heidi Hahn (born 1982, MFA Yale, based in Brooklyn), Caity Kennedy (born 1983, BFA RISD, based in Santa Fe), Kathryn Kerr (born 1984, BFA Cooper Union, based in Brooklyn), Monty Little (born 1983, BFA Institute of American Indian Arts, based in Tulsa), Lizzy Marshall (born 1982, MFA Bard, based in Brooklyn and upstate New York), Cait Porter (born 1985, BFA Vassar, based in Philadelphia and New York City), Luke Rogers (born 1989, MFA Yale, based in Los Angeles), and Jared Weiss (born 1986, MFA San Francisco Art Institute, based in Santa Fe).


Photo: Drew Lenihan and John McKissick
Courtesy of Radical Abacus, Santa Fe

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