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Exposición colectiva "GINGA" presenta artistas emergentes de Brasil en Artfizz en colaboración con HOA Tour

São Paulo, Brasil
21 abril, 2021 – 4 mayo, 2021

Artfizz, the online selling platform for contemporary art, announced today a collaboration with the São Paulo-based artist network HOA Tour. The auction platform will stage an intervention by the Brazilian group, led by multimedia artist Igi Ayedun. Founder of HOA Gallery, Brazil’s first Black-owned contemporary art gallery, Ayedun established HOA Tour in 2020 as a collaborative hub for contemporary Latinx artists and curators. The intervention will lead with GINGA, a selling exhibition curated by Ayedun showcasing new works from HOA Tour artists. Artfizz will dedicate the entirety of its platform and virtual programming to GINGA throughout the exhibition’s two-week run, streaming studio visits and exhibition walkthroughs, hosted by Ayedun with participating HOA Tour artists.

On view and live for bidding from April 21 through May 4, 2021 on, GINGA features new works by emerging BIPOC artists from across Brazil. Participating artists include Marlon Amaro, Laís Amaral, Kelton Campos Fausto, Pegge, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Bertô, and Gabriel Massan. “The presentation interrogates issues of race, gender, sexuality, and social class in postcolonial Brazil in an exploration of identity,” said Ayedun. “Artists in this exhibition draw from the wide spectrum of racial roots in Brazil. From painting to sculpture, whether through figurative or abstract techniques, through the logic of representation or expression, GINGA explores contemporary Brazilian identity through decolonial frameworks, including right of subjectivity; queer political thought; Black meta-community documentary; and heritage perseveration and projection.” The exhibition takes its name, GINGA, from the fundamental movement of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art practice of West African descent, in which the body rocks back and forth in constant motion to thwart attack.

Works in GINGA blur the boundaries of traditional media to constitute an “intermedia—as opposed to cross-media—relationship,” said Ayedun, whose gallery recently exhibited at Art Rio and São Paulo’s SP-ARTE.

Exhibition highlights include Marlon Amaro’s O ouro do tolo (2020), first presented in the artist’s solo show at HOA in December, and Gabriel Massan’s The Mud Is Cloudy (2020). The multidisciplinary exhibition also includes work by the performance duo Estileras, whose web series Calçado de Monstro was featured in a joint presentation with the Marina Abramović Institute last November.

The exhibition by the São Paulo-based network confronts the parameters within which Latinx art has traditionally been understood, explained Ayedun: “HOA is challenging the colonialist narrative that Latinx art must either trail superior Eurocentric identities, or belong to an exoticized avant-garde of rebels without a genuine cause.”

Despite its diversity, Brazil—which has the world’s largest Black population outside of Africa—continues to reckon with structural racism. “Considering the complex history of slavery in Brazil—which continues to be marred by corruption, violence against racialized populations, social inequality, the destruction of natural resources, and the suppression of indigenous communities—the scale of the damage caused by systemic racism is incredible,” continued Ayedun. “And the art world is complicit in this harm, in the erasure of artists of color in the construction of a Brazilian art identity. The first Black-owned contemporary art gallery in Brazil’s history, HOA is driving the movement to correct these historical imbalances.”

With a selection of 31 works by 31 artists from São Paulo to Bahia, GINGA aims to introduce international audiences to the rising stars of contemporary art in Brazil. Matthew Dipple, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Artfizz, said: “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a dynamic artist-run organization as HOA Tour and to work with Igi on this project. Our mission at Artfizz is to center artists in all that we do, and we are always looking for ways to use our platform to better support and promote artists. I am thrilled to offer our website and social media to Igi and the 30 other artists featured in GINGA to connect with Artfizz’s global audience, particularly considering Brazil is enduring a second lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Artfizz’s charge to empower artists in the art market made the platform a natural partner,” said Ayedun, whose organization provides career development services and residency programs for emerging BIPOC and queer artists: “Artfizz prioritizes the financial health of the artist within the market. They understand that we cannot build a more inclusive market without questioning the logic of extractivism, which is present throughout art history and continues today.”

Throughout the two-week-long exhibition, Ayedun will direct the platform’s virtual programming, leading an exhibition walkthrough and hosting live-streamed studio tours and Q&A sessions with participating artists, including Marlon Amaro, Kelton Campos, and Bertô. Ayedun will also take over Artfizz’s Instagram channel, where she will present, among other projects, a video docuseries created by all 31 artists participating in GINGA.


Ana Almeida, Marlon Amaro, Iagor Peres, Davi de Jesus do Nascimento, Lais Amaral, Moxc4, Kelton Campos, Pegge, Estileras, Pedro Carneiro, Fidelis, Victor Fidelis, Rafaella Braga, Renan Aguena, Ikaro Cavalcante Occulted, Bertô, Mulungu, Edu Silva, Elian Almeida, Heloisa Hariadne, Anderson Sang, Igi Lola Ayedun, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Gabriel Massan, Diambe, Luiz 83, Dennis Moreira, Marcos da Matta, Rubiane Maia, Dudx, Caroline Ricca Lee.

Artfizz is a new community-driven online ecosystem for buying and selling contemporary art. An unprecedented model in the art market, Artfizz pays 50% of its commission to artists for aftermarket sales of their work on its platform. From registration to transaction, Artfizz offers a simple and fun experience to its community and connects buyers and sellers directly, allowing them to make new connections and independent discoveries. In November 2020, Artfizz devoted its platform to the benefit auction Show Me the Signs, which supported the African American Policy Forum’s #SayHerName Mothers Network, raising nearly $300,000 for the campaign.


Dedicated to cultivating and exhibiting contemporary Latinx art, HOA is the first Black-owned contemporary art gallery in Brazil. Founded in São Paulo by multimedia artist Igi Lola Ayedun, HOA constitutes HOA Tour, an artist-led organization offering sustainable career development strategies to emerging Brazilian artists, including residency programs, curatorial follow-up, art education, inventory cataloguing, and financial support for materials and studio structures.

Igi Lola Ayedun (b. 1990, São Paulo, Brazil) is a multimedia artist, entrepreneur, and independent publisher. In 2020 she founded the contemporary art gallery HOA and artist network HOA Tour to empower emerging artists working within decolonial frameworks and to develop new avenues for the exploration and interpretation of contemporary art in Latin America. Ayedun is Founder and CEO of the culture outlet MJOURNAL, published by FLAGCX, the largest independent communication services group in Latin America. She is based in London, São Paulo, and Marrakech.


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