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Drifting on a Dream

The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, California, USA
16 de septiembre de 2017 – 20 de enero de 2018

The Mistake Room (TMR) presents Eduardo Sarabia: Drifting on a Dream—the Los Angeles-born, Guadalajara-based artist’s first solo exhibition in his home city in nearly a decade. Made possible through the support of the Mike Kelley Foundation, and coinciding with the Getty Foundation’s PST: LA/LA initiative, the exhibition brings together a selection of Sarabia’s most iconic projects with a host of new works created specifically for this exhibition. Organized loosely in three intersecting sections that represent recurring archetypal characters in Sarabia’s oeuvre—The Migrant, The Mystic, and The Greater Fool—the exhibition aims to problematize the chronological format of the traditional survey show while highlighting the complex relationships and networks that have facilitated Sarabia’s expansive practice for almost twenty years. From introducing a new mezcal he has been creating in recent months to revisiting the infamous Salon Aleman bar he ran in Berlin through an intimate series of “tequila oral histories,” to reactivating an expedition company he formed years ago in order to search for the lost treasure of Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa, the exhibition will take viewers into the worlds that Sarabia has brought into being through his practice.

Functioning as both an immersive environment and a backdrop for a series of public and private events that the artist will use to film content for a forthcoming video piece, Drifting on a Dream at its core explore the different ways people dream in the in-between; at juncture of two nations; at the intersection of earthly restraints and emancipating faith; and at the moments when our realities confront our self-made fictions.

“Eduardo is first and foremost a storyteller,” says Cesar Garcia, TMR’s Executive & Artistic Director and the curator of the exhibition. “While most people are familiar with Eduardo’s ceramic works and his expansive body of drawings, what has been hard to translate in previous exhibitions of his work are the complex processes from which these objects emerge,” he adds. “Our hope is that this exhibition will give broader insights into Eduardo’s way of working and that viewers will be able to participate in a survey show that aims not only to re-visit a practice but also to instigate the creation of new work,” he states.

Eduardo Sarabia: Drifting on a Dream is organized by The Mistake Room and curated by Cesar Garcia, TMR’s Executive & Artistic Director.


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