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Circumscriptio, Compositio, Receptio Luminum

BFA Boatos Fine Arts, São Paulo, Brazil
16 de julio de 2016 – 20 de agosto de 2016




BFA Boatos Fine Arts presents Circumscriptio, Compositio, Receptio Luminum, a group show with works by Adam Gordon, Sofia Leiby, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Orion Martin and Thomaz Lima Rosa.

The show is inspired by the second book of Leon Battista Alberti’s De Pictura. His reflections serve as the starting point of a discussion about contemporary painting through the work of five young artists, who approach the canvas in very different ways.

“I recommend that he who is devoted to painting should learn this art. The first great care of one who seeks to obtain eminence in painting is to acquire the fame and renown of the ancients. It is useful to remember that avarice is always the enemy of virtue. Rarely can anyone given to acquisition of wealth acquire renown. I have seen many in the first flower of learning suddenly sink to money-making. As a result they acquire neither riches nor praise. However, if they had increased their talent with study, they would have easily soared into great renown. Then they would have acquired much richness and pleasure.

Enough has been said of this up to here. Let us return to our subject. Painting is divided into three parts; these divisions we have taken from nature.

Since painting strives to represent things seen, let us note in what way things are seen. First, in seeing a thing, we say it occupies a place. Here the painter, in describing this space, will say this, his guiding an outline with a line, is circumscription.

Then, looking at it again, we understand that several planes of the observed body belong together, and here the painter drawing them in their places will say that he is making a composition.

Finally, we determine more clearly the colours and qualities of the planes. Since every difference in them is born from light, we can properly call their representation the reception of light.»

Leon Battista Alberti, De Pictura, 1540

Courtesy of BFA Boatos, São Paulo


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