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Arthur, Janina, Marco e Pedro

Jacaranda, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
30 de septiembre de 2017 – 18 de noviembre de 2017

A friar went around asking. Arrived at the door of a farmer, who did not want to give him alms. The friar was falling in hunger and said:

– I will see about making stone soup!

And took a stone from the ground, shook off its dirt and started to admire it, to see if it was good to make soup. The people of the house started to laugh about the friar and that remark.

The friar asked:

– So you’ve never eaten stone soup? All I will say is that it is something good.

They answered him:

⁃ We always want to see!

It was what the friar wanted to hear. After washing the stone, he asked:

– If you lend me a clay pot.

They gave him a clay pot. He filled it with water and placed the stone inside.

– Now, if you let me leave the little pot there by the ember.

They did. As soon as the pot began to sound, he went on:

– With just a bit of fat, the soup would be splendid!

They went to get a piece of fat. It boiled, boiled, and the people of the house in shock with what they saw. The friar said, trying the soup:

– It is a bit bland. It could use a little rock of salt.

They also gave him the salt. He seasoned, tried and affirmed:

– Now, with some collard-greens, the soup would be such that even the angels would eat it!

The owner of the house went to the garden and brought him two fresh bunches. The friar cleaned them and pulled them with his fingers, laying the leaves in the pot. When the greens were boiled, the friar said:

– Oh, a bit of sausage would give it grace.

They brought him a piece of sausage. He put it into the pot and, while it cooked, took out the of the saddlebag bread and arranged himself to eat slowly. The soup smelled like a gift. He ate and licked his lips. After pouring the pot, there was the stone at the bottom.

The people of the house, who had their eyes on him, asked:

– Oh Mr. friar, and how about the stone?

The friar responded:

– The stone I wash and take with me for another time.

Jacaranda opened, on September 30th, the group exhibition Arthur, Janina, Marco e Pedro with works by artists Arthur Chaves, Janina McQuoid, Marco Veloso and Pedro França. The exhibition is curated by Daniel Senise and features artists whose works are structured on their processes of execution. These works are tentacular, spread, polyphonic, and extrapolate the limits of their languages. The experiences, experimentations, the contexts in which they occur, the universe of available materials, are decisive for the final aspect of the work.


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