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Armazém de Mim

Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, Brazil
24 de noviembre de 2015 – 30 de enero de 2016




“At a time of global cultural homogenization, his works carry an exceptional form of authenticity, speaking of the unique cultural aspects of the place he calls home-Bahia, proposing a globally comprehensible argument. The attraction of his works lies in their exotic nature that dialogue with the fusion of cultures to which he is witness.” (Excerpt from the text Canibalização do dia-a-dia by Jens Hoffman)

Marepe’s work acquires a complex overlap of references and meanings in the use of readymade materials and everyday objects.

I have been developing a work based on encounters with these objects: sometimes by reason of an emotive tie, sometimes for existing since my childhood. Memory is the structure of everything. Other objects challenge me to transform them simply by their form or colour. In fact, right now colour holds great importance for me.

… and how it is present in industrialized objects!

Objects that in their original context arouse no interest beyond what they are in their functionality. Removing them from their original function and transforming them is what intrigues me. Seeing them aesthetically displaced to a completely different world and giving them the opportunity to be seen, as if admired for the first time.

The artist see the exhibition as if it were a song heard out loud. As if the lyrics, melody and all the instruments could be felt by everyone.

… and the meaning of the objects presented answer all questions and desires of both parts: artist and public.

A pinch of surrealism and another of existentialism create a concrete and synthetic atmosphere of all the experiences lived in the artist’s workspace. To experience it weightless, without any fear of taking risks, keeping your feet on the ground. Yes, on the ground where I live my day-to-day, bringing this sensory experience to the public. This laboratory of the invisible, news that I have lived and felt.

The exhibition is this labyrinth kind of like Dadá, kind of like Magritte, kind of like Duchamp. Basically, it’s of this popular Brazilian hybrid, of this kaleidoscope stored in the moment inside me.

Courtesy of Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo


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