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New website!

Terremoto is thrilled to announce the launch of its new webpage.

Dear readers, 

We send you warm greetings from the entire team of Terremoto. We hope that you are finding tranquility and affection in this particular time that we are living.

We wanted to write something inspiring. Something that was tailored to our experience surviving this pandemic and the crisis that it dragged along. Inaugurating our third website, since the beginning of Terremoto in 2013, is definitely exciting for us. The huge investment of resources, together with presenting our work in a radically different way is not without its risks. But the future of independent press organizations, as fragile as they are indispensable, needs to support the needs of our readers and provide them in the most efficient ways clear information in the midst of the complex panorama that surrounds us.

In Terremoto, we assume a responsibility embedded in our growth: to articulate a polyphony of voices that overflows the limits of art in order to complexify the socio-cultural fabric of our societies. We are interested in doing this through trans/feminist and decolonial perspectives, sensitively confronting conservative bursts that seek to limit the possibility of difference. Despite the neoliberal threats that condition this autonomous potential, we insist on tackling art practices as tools to question the present and the narratives that sustain it, to imagine futures, to dialog among ourselves, and to demand social justice. 

The fact that art can exist within any ephemeral status of merchandise is unhindered by our existence as a guild in continuous precarization—we cannot stand by its further degradation. Therefore, we are committed to pursue the dissemination of intersectional critical thinking that complements the circumstances and motives under which artistic and cultural work is done. 

This new website, designed with the intention of making the exploration of seven years of growing archive more accessible, is endowed with many new tools: a clear organization of our sections, adaptation of the font size, night reading mode, search tools, labels, footnotes incorporated into the texts, more dynamic image galleries, among other novelties without forgetting its corresponding mobile version. A kind of amenity at a time when cellphones are maddeningly omnipresent. Finally, as always, all the contents available online are bilingual—with the exception of some entries in our Blog. We hope that this, in sum, will contribute to more enjoyable browsing experiences. In the meantime, don’t forget to share the new website on your social media! 

Thank you wholeheartedly for your commitment to our project,

The Terremoto Team 

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