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Terremoto x Ubisoft host an artistic residency in Winnipeg with Brazilian artist Anna Costa e Silva

Anna Costa e Silva in residence at the Ubisoft facilities, Winnipeg, Canada

After a two-year wait, Terremoto is pleased to announce the artistic residency with Anna Costa e Silva at Ubisoft; a French video game and interactive entertainment company interested in collaborating with Latin American artists.

From June to August 2022, Ubisoft will host the Brazilian artist Anna Costa e Silva at its Winnipeg facility. The residence will offer access to cutting-edge technology, and will promote research in the video game industry, virtual reality, as well as other creative processes around the moving image.

The practice of the Brazilian visual artist and filmmaker Anna Costa e Silva derives from situations that investigate the intersection of subjectivities as a space for the extraordinary and anti-productive. Her work unfolds in the form of films, installations and ephemeral experiences. For her residency, she is working on a dream listening project that began in Brazil during the 2018 elections, when she realized that her dreams were hijacked by dystopian narratives due to the sociopolitical environment of the moment.

After this, she began to listen to others’ dreams to carry out work around narcissism, neoliberal subjectivity, the erosion of alterity, man-machine relationships, feminism, dystopia and love. During her stay in Winnipeg, Anna will listen to the dreams of Ubisoft employees to create 3D environments, which will be mixed with images recorded in Atafona—a city that is being invaded by the sea—and zoom images produced remotely in collaboration with performers Maria Clara Contrucci, Manuela Libman, Dora Selva and Carolina Luísa Costa.

The residency will culminate at the end of August with an open studio at Ubisoft’s headquarters in Winnipeg. Stay tuned for more information on the Brazilian artist’s work during this residency.


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