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Virtual Launch of Issue 19 Planetary Solidarity

Thursday, November 26 at 8 pm (EST)

In this issue of Terremoto, we want to spark deep conversations about being together and being different in the context of South-South exchanges between previously colonized countries. Evoking the Ring of Fire that relates Southeast Asia and South America, we place ourselves in a particular geopoetic connection through that ocean that, contrary to the colonial view that named it a peaceful body of water, is in constant movement.

Serving here as an editorial provocation, the idea of planetary solidarity seeks to combine critical-reflective approaches on friendship, the common, community and the collective, alliances, and complicities to recognize ourselves in our actions against systems of oppression in their specific forms according to our own particular contexts.

We invite you to the virtual launch of our Issue 19 next Thursday, November 26 at 8 pm (Mexico City). Our editor, Diego del Valle Ríos, will start a conversation with collaborators:

Andrea Fam – Assistant Curator at the Singapore Art Museum. She employs research methodologies of empathic readings and fieldnotes to investigate embodied histories of space, place, and power structures. Her groundwork lays primarily in the regions of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Comunidad Catrileo+Carrión – Antonio, Constanza, Alejandro, and Manuel. A Mapuche community of epupillan or two spirits (2015, Pikunmapu/Qullasuyo). We weave spaces of reciprocity from our practice of creation-research together with other human and non-human communities with which we interact.

Daniel Lie – Brazilian-Indonesian trans* artist born in São Paulo whose work spans the disciplines of installation and the hybrid languages of art. Using ‘time’ as a starting point for their production, Lie develops works that question tensions between science and religion, ancestry, the present, life, and death. To highlight the passing of time, Lie works with organic matter subject to decay such as plants and fungi.

Stay tuned and join us via Facebook Live.

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