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Opening of Reconstrucciones by Rodrigo Arenas-Carter | Online talk with Pancho López

Join us for the opening of “Reconstrucciones”, a register exhibition by Rodrigo Arenas-Carter and an online talk with Pancho López

Join us on July 22nd to the simultaneous opening of “Reconstrucciones” by Rodrigo Arenas-Caerter

“Reconstrucciones” is a research project by the artist Rodrigo Arenas-Carter that consists of an exhaustive investigation of documents and registry of different historical works of performance art as a contemporary artistic practice in Latin America. In a second moment, some of these actions will be recreated, considering that the constant insufficiencies and scarcity of information allow to resignify the gaps and omissions that historical discourse suffers and demands, but at the same time to configure a narrative about action art through action itself.

For this edition of Terremoto – La Postal, four performances by artists of Latin American origin were chosen and later instructions were sent on how to carry out each of these reconstructions in different venues located in the cities where they were originally held.

19:00 hrs. Opening of the physical exhibition at Terremoto’s office.
19:30 hrs. Online talk between Rodrigo Arenas-Carter and Pancho López via Facebook live.

Link to the event here

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