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La Postal: Finissage of Anticomunismo Show | Launch of Terremoto Issue 20, How are you?

Guided tour to “Anticomunismo Show” and launch of Terremoto Issue 20: “How are you?”

Anticomunismo Show is a display of archival material that activates the category of Anticommunist Art —historiographic category theorized by the Centro de Estudios de Arte Anticomunista (Center for Anticommunist Art Studies or CEAA) to identify the broad artistic production, generated from anticommunist policies since the 20th century in Latin America.

We are also celebrating the launch of Terremoto Issue 20: How are you? This issue will bring together reflections around all that we somaticize in regard to trauma, illness, and death—without it meaning the end of life.

Guided tours to Anticomunismo Show will be carried out in groups of 5 people with social distance and mandatory use of face masks. Later we invite you to the presentation of Terremoto Issue 20 on the terrace of our offices, courtesy of Perrier and Tequila 1800.

April 30, 2021

18:00 to 21 hrs.

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During the production and circulation of the project Anticomunismo Show, scheduled within the framework of the exhibition program La Postal 2021, our editorial team received a complaint against its author, Adán Quezada, for digital harassment of a person within the CDMX artistic community. As an institution, which at that time was working with him and received the complaint, we agreed to make this information public as a policy of visibility, in order to create a history of conflict resolution beyond cancellation within the cultural field. We clarify that Terremoto does not make a judgment on the responsibility of the parties because we are not a formal instance of the prosecution of justice, however, our position will always be on the side of the victims.

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