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Regarding the complaint that Terremoto received on April 29, 2021, and after several reflections raised both within the organization and by external accompaniments, we make the following statement in order to promote transformative justice processes.

To our reader community,

Regarding the complaint that Terremoto received last April 29, 2021, made by Sofía Moreno, about an external collaborator, Adán Quezada, and the actions we took as a magazine and organization as a result of it, and following several meetings throughout the last months of November and December, driven by an anonymous collective interested in promoting transformative justice processes, we communicate the following:

We would like to emphasize once again that Terremoto has never sought to be a formal instance of justice, which is why in this situations, we act under the principle of always believing the complainant, without this meaning the dictation of sentences. After several reflections, both within the organization and through external accompaniment, we recognize that—despite doing everything we considered fair and pertinent in the complaint that was presented to us last spring, as well as our intention to go beyond the dynamics of cancellation, and after the reparative process that we have carried out alongside those involved in this complaint—we have made a series of mistakes, which have led us to make the following statements today:

  • First of all, we would like to reiterate our public apology to the complainant for not having dealt with her complaint in time and in the appropriate terms, which operated as a misogynistic, transphobic and violent act. We recognize, in full transparency, that there was a flaw in our gender violence prevention protocol, a flaw that we seek to remedy through the construction of a more effective protocol. We are aware that this situation triggered a series of communications on social networks that resulted in the re-victimization of the complainant, which aggravated her trauma and placed her in a space of greater vulnerability.
  • We want to acknowledge that the same process of transformative justice carried out through the intervention of this collective, allowed the complainant and the accused person to reach a constructive discussion that led the latter to, in his words, “clearly recognize something he did not do at the time: That sending non-sexual messages to someone who asked him not to do so is stalking, insisting is harassment, ignoring it is defamation and not seeking to repair the damage when it was pointed out is aggression by omission, as well as that all these violences reinforce the structural violences of a transphobic world.” Consequently, and from the clarifications made in this restorative process, we acknowledge our role in the construction of misunderstandings that have led the general public to designate the reported person as guilty of a sexual assault he did not commit, damaging the reputation of the reported person. We ask him for a sincere apology for a process that, as described above, we did not manage to carry out in a transformative way for each of those involved. In this way, we will reinstate all publications, both on our website and on our social networks, about the contents that this person produced in the context of his collaboration with Terremoto, recognizing his willingness to carry out a process of recognition of mistakes and mutual forgiveness.
  • This statement replaces the two previous ones published on May 17 and 26 of this year, respectively, on our website and social networks.

Being one of the parties involved in this situation, we are interested in sharing reflections that allow us to build, as a community, a common pedagogy on how we act and take individual and collective responsibility in the face of this type of violences. Terremoto will continue working towards becoming a completely safe platform for women and sexual dissidence. To function as a safe space is not something that is taken for granted, but for the actions and ethics that sustain them in the face of the eventualities that happen, that affect us and, in some cases, exceed us. That is why we reaffirm our openness and commitment to feedback, and acknowledge our responsibility for the escalation of events following last spring’s complaint. In addition, we also apologize to our reading community, and ask them to continue to place their trust in our commitment to always recognize, learn and build critically from our mistakes. We thank the anonymous collective for accompanying us in this process, as well as those involved for their willingness to resolve the conflict and their consensus in the publication of this statement.

The Terremoto Team

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