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Anna Costa e Silva is the 1st recipient of the Terremoto X Ubisoft Residency

The artist was selected through a two-stage process that involved Dorothée Dupuis, director of Terremoto; Bernardo de Souza, independent curator; Micha Cárdenas, artist and scholar; Pauline Jacquey, Ubisoft’s AIR Director; and Steve Reid, Executive VP and co-founder of RSE.

Terremoto is delighted to announce that Rio de Janeiro-based artist Anna Costa e Silva is the winner of the open call for the first residency program at Red Storm Entertainment, a Ubisoft Studio. We are very much looking forward to the interactions between Anna and RSE team, interweaving social practice, cutting-edge technology and experimental story-telling.

It’s been a thrill to mobilize Terremoto’s amazing network of artists and to ad artistic residency to the range of activities led by the magazine to accomplish its mission for dialogue between Pan-American art practitioners.

Anna is a visual artist and director from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She works in the intersections between film, visual arts and performing arts. She graduated in Filmmaking in 2009 and holds a Master Degree from the NYC School of Visual Arts.

Anna’s residency starts in April, for a duration of 3 months, and will lead to a restitution through an exhibit at a local art centre this fall.

The Project: A World Where All Relationships Were Erased

“I am intrigued by how each individual exists in the world, how one chooses to spend his time, what are the affections that move a person to wake up every day and feel alive in such a contradictory system we are in. I believe this residency will be a unique opportunity to expand my research in the relationship between human subjectivity and technology.”
—Anna Costa e Silva

“Anna Costa e Silva’s project delves into the realm of dreams to explore the notion of trauma as a triggering force in the conception of inner images and fictional landscapes. In the context of Ubisoft/Red Storm, this residency project will allow both the company and the artist to collaborate in a mutually beneficial experience that challenges existing belief systems through the creation of alternative worlds and parallel realities.”
—Bernardo De Souza, Brazilian curator | Member of the jury

“At Red Storm we are especially interested in this event to support an emerging artist and foster a collaboration with our staff. The artist will have an opportunity to access our tools, technology and talent to expand their personal creative palette.”
—Steve Reid, Executive VP of Red Storm | Member of the jury

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