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Selvanegra Galería presents "Tiemblo cuando veo a lo lejos una sombra que se le parece" by Fabián Nonino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Curada por Javier Soria Vázquez
Selvanegra Galería
Gurruchaga 301,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Is there a manifest recollection that takes part in the artist’s way of doing or projecting?
What is thought, processed or displayed in these specific spaces, is it always crossed by the experience?

If we wanted to take some distance from a vivid memory, it would probably become more vivid and pernicious.

Nonino proceeds from the opposite intention: he refuses to forget.
And this procedure transforms.

His memory draws with a firm hand, but the line that emerges is a trail so labile that it results in the silhouette of a ghost that beats towards another edge. And when he returns he still has the same weight, color, and shape, but something undefinable has transformed him.

Tiemblo cuando veo a lo lejos una sombra que se le parece [I tremble when I see in the distance a shadow that looks like] is a failed attempt to move on and forget.

Cropped images of men in a window display in intimate everyday situations, a slide projection, images of colored rocks under a heavy black curtain and family photos that rescue memory and time are the elements that Nonino presents in his solo exhibit curated by Javier Soria Vázquez en Selvanegra.


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