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RP announces its first project, an artist book by José Eduardo Barajas: «¿Por dónde sale el sol?»

Mexico City, Mexico

Book Launch
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RP is proud to announce its first project, José Eduardo Barajas’ artist book, entitled ¿Por dónde sale el sol? [Where Does the Sun Come Out?].

José Eduardo Barajas (@ana_dalaii) is a Mexican artist (b. 1990), born and raised in Mexico City. His most recent work incorporates a series of investigations that oscillate between the analysis of the history of landscape painting and the re-codified possibilities of digital painting. ¿Por dónde sale el sol? is also an exhibition that was planned to take place this month in Lagos.New pieces of paper of various sizes and stained glass make up the postponed exhibition.

His work has recently appeared on various channels. Golden Shower, depicting coins raining in a landscape without horizon, is the cover of the current issue of Terremoto, as well as one of the tracks of the new Bad Bunny album. Golden Shower allows us to understand the origin and operation of a diary of 83 drawings, contained in the book. This exceptional publication is a tour of the artist’s experiential dictionary, everyday elements of a given confinement. A set of questions about existence is crossed by scenes of sunrises, sunsets and abundant marinas.

The essay that accompanies the drawings, written by Natalia de la Rosa (Yacuzis, Biquini Wax, @nataliadelarosa), analyzes José Eduardo’s work in a historical context of landscape painting and questions the possibilities of representing a current Mexican reality in the artist’s work.

The sale of the book will benefit the people involved in the project and is a way to continue the circulation of their work. The print run of 500 numbered copies is available for presale at $530 MXN exclusively in Mexico (free delivery) and at $35 USD abroad (shipping included—via mail). For detailed information and orders go to ravaprojects.com

*The hard copy of the book is in Spanish only. Text in English available on RP’s website.


About RP

RP is the consolidation of previous work relationships between artists and agent. It functions as a gallery, a publisher, an artistic organization, religious sect, self-help support group, union, strip club; overall, it’s a tool to create the resources that make our projects possible. RP is part of a context in which the possibility of making and living from art is a discussion, a dialogue, a negotiation, a necessity—its political. RP operates under these conditions, from Mexico City. The project is run by Antonella Rava (@nnneeeuuuu) in close collaboration with José Eduardo Barajas, Kristin Reger (@kristinreger) and Matías Solar (@matias.solar).

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