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End of year projects at PAOS GDL

El Libro Vivo sobre La Salud
RAFFLE – Rain showers among special casualties

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El Libro Vivo sobre La Salud

El Libro Vivo sobre La Salud [The Living Book on Health] is a project of healing, performativity and shared operation between artists and audiences. 8 artists from different locations have been invited to think about performance as a contagious and self-managing practice, to explore methodologies of self-care, collective care, on rituals, in order to creating an opportunity of communication and present in creators and participants. El Libro Vivo sobre La Salud seeks to encourage an intimate reflection that can be transmitted virtually and that achieves a space of development for those people who decide to participate and articulate the works from the body itself

El Libro Vivo sobre La Salud is also an invitation for participants to explore their own self-managed, not necessarily professional, artistic practice as a personal and healing learning process.

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RAFFLE – Rain showers among special casualties

In order to promote collecting and to continue with its satellite programs, PAOS GDL creates this strategy to survive the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and at the same time extend the support that the community of arts and culture gives them.

PASO GDL joins the Blue Diamond Award initiative created by the PRRAS! collective and Frieda Toranzo Jaeger by donating $25,000 MXN of the proceeds to the cause that supports women artists (CIS or trans) with chronic diseases and/or in medical treatment.

By purchasing a ticket you support part of the realization of the virtual program and 2020 residencies of PAOS GLD and the Blue Diamond prize of the collective PRRAS! and Frieda Toranzo Jaeger.

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If you have any doubts, please write to: programacion@paosgdl.org


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