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Upcoming events at kurimanzutto!

October 13 – 6pm (Youtube + Facebook Live)
Jazz Session from the J.R. Plaza Archive – with Adrian Barreto and Iñaki Bonillas
October 16 – 1pm en kurimanzutto (Free Entrance)
Last performance for Rastrojo in kurimanzutto’s Siembra by Abraham Cruzvillegas
Trío Huasteco “Los Descarados”: Nabani Aguilar, Ricardo Bassilio and Obed Calixto

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kurimanzutto presents a facebook live conversation/jazz session from between musician Adrian Barreto and artist Iñaki Bonillas in relation to the Jazz covers from the J.R Plaza Archive on October 13th – 6pm. The conversation and music experience aims to explore the relationship between photographic language and design in the visual communication of jazz and the music itself. The event will be streamed through kurimanzutto’s Youtube channel as well as on Facebook Live.

Rastrojo, Abraham Cruzvillegas’ three sculpture installation work in Siembra by kurimanzutto will host it’s last musical performance on October 16 – 1pm with “Los Descarados” Trio Huasteco: Nabani Aguilar, Ricardo Bassilio and Obed Calixto. Rastrojo is conceived by the artist as a sculpture in continuous development, susceptible to undergo modifications and transformations with the inertia of the construction process and as the musical activations occur. This one is the last of the six performances. Join the event on Saturday!

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