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Don't miss the two latest online workshops by CUNA!

CUNA is a new international platform for Art, Science and Technology. An educational and interdisciplinary project founded in Mexico City with the aim of attracting curious minds, willing to experiment with topics such as artificial intelligence, post-humanism, speculative design and technological activism.

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CUNA presents: “Literatura, Máquina y Lenguaje: Bases para el Futuro de lo Literario” que that will start next February 25, 2021.

This activity answers the questions: Does the literature of the future exist? Can literature change our social, technological and political realities?

In this workshop, we will review 100 years of thinking on what is, what is the transformative potential and what is the future of literature. The purpose of the course is to offer the critical tools necessary to think about both the present and the future of literature: an unpredictable future, still uncertain, in which imagination will be more necessary than ever.

Presented by:

Romina Wainberg (Stanford) (USA-Argentina) is a Specialist in Narrative Writing por Casa de Letras.

Rodrigo Baraglia (Argentina) is a Professor of Literature at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Thursdays | 5-7 PM Horario (GMT-6) | 10 sessions | Vía Zoom

Recovery fees: 
Argentina 20 USD=$400 MXN | México & Latinamerica 40 USD=$800 MXN

We also recommend the online workshop: “Arte y Política: La Crítica al Capitalismo desde los Estudios Culturales+ Aproximaciones a Marx Fisher” that will start next February 22, 2021.

The workshop will review the work of Marx Fisher, a key thinker especially for his phrase “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism” from his book Capitalist Realism. Reading art and popular culture, Fisher cemented his thinking as a politics of art and imagination to build an alternative modernity to that provided by capitalism in the old quarrel against communism.

Texts, Science Fiction films, popular music (Naty Peluso and Bad Gyal and Joy Division) will be commented and at the end a text on political issues of interest will be elaborated.

Presented by:

MS. Yániz, critic and speculative essayist. He writes and researches on the intersections of contemporary art and poetry with politics and the future.


Mondays and Wednesdays | 5-7 pm (GMT-6) | 7 sessions | Vía Zoom

Recovery fees: 

Latinamerica 30 USD=599 MXN

North America, Europe & others 50 USD= $1,000 MXN

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