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Art Latinou presents «Alteridad» by Paola Estrella

Mexico City, Mexico
From August 29 to September 29, 2020

Online Exhibition

Curated by afro-Brazilian Juci Reis

Guided tour via Zoom
with Juci Reis and Paola Estrella 
Saturday August 29
1 pm (Mexico City)
More information:
Art Latinou
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Join us this upcoming Saturday, August 29, at 1 pm (Mexico City), for an online guided tour of the Viewing Room Alteridad by the Mexican artist Paola Estrella, curated by the afro-Brazilian Juci Reis.

Understanding that the reality, as the central Ethos, is metaphysically conditioned to time, we can understand that works recreated from the film documents: A Parallel Reality from Paola Estrella, resembles the otherness showed in a fantastic quotidian life through hybrid creatures that create a nonpolitical and non contextualized hierarchy that represent themselves in a mythological and untimely manner.

Estrella’s work proposes to re-observe the film element to interpret it. The Witches, Shower, Portrait 1911, The Crazy Woman, Bunny, Flies on Holiday, Musicians, Beats, Ice Queen and Fish compose a personal mythology within a contemporary reality. Humans with the head of a bird, fish, dog, wasp, rabbit, owl, or sheep, perform rituals in everyday scenes. To take out the human head and substitute it for that of other animals opens a thought that goes beyond the mutuality reference to reflect the search of new identities and moral realities. An adverse narrative of idea transformation: openness to the understanding of new forms of existence, a direct revision of the contemporary ethos. These works come from the reorganization of visual scenes through a filmic language. The works that make part of the virtual exhibition constitute the union of several interdisciplinary elements: music, dressings, choreography, poetry, scenography, etc.

The union of different elements and artistic resources insinuate a discourse that is connected with the allegory of transformation; when representing animals looking for other means of perception of moral and political structures, it stimulates our own extrasensory potentials. The otherness as a reference point in the works of Estrella, constitutes a permanent reason that calls to a reinvention of the myth in the simultaneity.

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