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MSSA releases four digital catalogues of the 2021 exhibitions

Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende 
Av. República 475, Santiago,
Región Metropolitana, Chile

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With curatorial content, biographies, captions and photographic records of the staging process, the digital catalogues of the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende (MSSA-Chile) propose an exhaustive tour of the exhibitions held during 2021 in the rooms of the Museum, considered one of the most relevant in Latin America for its museological model and its collection of modern and contemporary art.

Red [Rojo], MSSA Collection —by curators Daniela Berger and Caroll Yasky—; Monday is revolution [Lunes es revolución], curated by Soledad García Saavedra; The cloud forest / The birds of the horizon [El bosque de nubes / Los pájaros del horizonte], by artist Valeria Montti and Tonal Spring [Vertiente tonal] by artist Gonzalo Cueto, were the exhibitions that stirred the senses of thousands of people who visited the Museum, either digitally and/or face-to-face format.

The catalogues contain texts in English and Spanish, also incorporating the main curatorial text of each exhibition in Mapudungun, the native Mapuche language, and in Kreyòl, the Haitian language.

Download the 2021 catalogues here.

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