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LATANGENTE presents 8 artists at Clavo this weekend

LATANGENTE is participating in Clavo with the first artists of its platform’s inaugural edition.

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LATANGENTE is an incubator with a double function: to amplify the voices of artists of different trajectories, and to build support networks for creation in Mexico. Created in the midst of the pandemic, this platform seeks to empower artists and to use digital tools in bringing their work to a wide range of audiences.

April 8 saw the launch of its digital platform, latangente.mx, which is based on a model that combines crowdfunding and auctions. Through this website, artists can raise funds to finance the production of a cultural project. At the end of their 30-day crowdfunding campaign, each artist auctions off a work.

The first 8 artists, currently being presented on the platform, are Anni Garza Lau (Mexico City, 1983), Chavis Mármol (Hidalgo, 1982), Dulce Chacón (Mexico City, 1976), Edgar Solórzano (Mexico City, 1989), Elisa Pinto (Aguascalientes, 1985), José Herrera (Puebla, 1995), Ileana Moreno (Mexico City, 1989), and Mónica Figueroa (Mexico City, 1991). The artists are currently carrying out their crowdfunding campaigns via the digital platform. You can support them in two ways: by making a contribution (beginning at 50 MXN), or by choosing a work in return (there are works available with values ranging from 400 MXN to 4,000 MXN). The 8 artists will auction off works at latangente.mx on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

LATANGENTE will exhibit the works of this first auction at Clavo, the new art week event that will take place at Casa Versalles, from tomorrow, Friday, April 30, until Sunday.

For the inaugural edition, LATANGENTE collaborated with the curator Fabiola Iza in selecting 40 Mexican artists and collectives via an open call. They will be presented in a staggered manner until September 2021.

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