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Artists Iván Argote and Ana Teresa Fernández in conversation with curator Julio César Morales
Thursday, May 6, 2021, 2 pm (CDMX)

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The event will be live-streamed on Zoom. Real-time captioning provided, in English with live Spanish translation. Free to attend, RSVP required

Artists Argote and Fernández will discuss notions of boundaries, borders, and the will to erase distance in an era defined by it. In particular, Iván Argote will focus on his work As Far As We Could Get (2019) and Ana Teresa Fernández on Borrando La Frontera(2011), two works that manifest the other side in vivid, unpredictable, and radical ways.

The program is presented in conjunction with KADIST’s two-part Online Video Exhibition curated by Julio César Morales, which includes both works mentioned above. The exhibition reflects an anxious desire to bridge physical and emotional thresholds during the pandemic. NOSOTROS focuses on one aspect of the complex presentation, that of having the imagination to connect perceived opposites. For the final week of the exhibition, The Light Between Us (Part 1) and La Luz Entre Nosotros (Part 2) are streamable from May 3 to 9 on kadist.org/kvl.

More info and bios: https://kadist.org/program/nosotros-julio-cesar-morales-in-conversation-with-ivan-argote-and-ana-teresa-fernandez/

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