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Josefina Labourt: "Señora" at Piedras Galería

May 14 — August 6, 2020
Avenida Rivadavia 2625 Piso 4
Buenos Aires, CP 1034

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The exhibition brings together a group of works that explore, from the language of painting and sculpture, a possible entity and investiture linked to what we understand as Señora [Madam or Mrs]. From an approach that seeks to subvert the traditional representations of the social imaginary of this universe, and as an appropriation of the meaning of this becoming, the exhibition is both an enactment of that intention and the material form of an investigation on the female body and old age.

What meaning do we give to the visible signs of the passage of time in our flesh? Labourt creates a climate that in order to understand it, she creates a space in which, given the peculiar relationship between the pieces and the effect they generate on the body itself, she challenges us to think about it. Surrounded by old people that appear in the foreground, in fragments and in details, the works bring together elements that come from different contexts, composed of both traditional materials and techniques of the visual arts and other less usual ones, which in their combination, disturb the normative and symbolic aesthetic order.

Her works are a hybrid between painting, collage and sculpture, where nothing seems to be one way or have a single meaning. It is the passage of time that becomes visible in the shapes, colors and textures. In this exhibition and in the general tour of her work, the skin is presented as a vulnerable surface loaded with history and meaning. Marks, stains, scars and wrinkles expose the constant happening of matter. The skin is the bearer of a story, and as such, it is the organ from which the artist composes her color palette. Thus, Señora can be thought of as a staging of the effect of the passage of time that discomforts, questions and, above all, mobilizes an experience.


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