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Joaquín Aras: "Los primeros pintores eran cazadores" at Piedras Gallery

April 14 — July 9, 2020
Avenida Rivadavia 2625 Piso 4
Buenos Aires, CP 1034

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Los primeros pintores eran cazadores [The first painters were hunters] explores our relationship with morbidity, violence and its representation in the media and visual arts.

The exhibition presents videos, installations, photographs and paintings where blood is the protagonist, inquiring about the formal similarities and differences between a crime scene and a work of art. An expert in forensic criminology analyzes paint stains and talks about the similarities between an artist and a criminal; while an art critic writes an essay on violence. Forensics, death and abstraction: Can an untrained eye distinguish between blood and paint?

The research takes up a pictorial tradition linked to impulsive and primitive gesture (cave art, expressionism, informalism), together with resources and quotations from genre cinema; to ask about the limits of aesthetic pleasure. Hunting scenes, where the first hunters painted their victims (oxen, wild boars) with blood-colored minerals, are updated in police and horror films, where again the paint refers to blood.

Images of violence demand an attentive and careful look. Violence is sublimated and fear or aggressiveness is satisfied. The spectator survives the experience.

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