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Festival AKI AORA, Tulum 2019 | Programa público del 1 – 9 de marzo

Tulúm, México
March 1, 2019 – March 9, 2019

Tulum 2019

Public Program
March 1 – 9, 2019

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AKI AORA is derived from the Spanish words AQUÍ and AHORA, meaning HERE and NOW. AKI AORA is an artist run platform for international cultural dialogue and reflection on current global events as well as an annual research programme for emerging artists conceived in Tulum, Mexico.

AKI AORA is interested in questioning the systemic imbalance that has manifested in the region as a means to understand the impact and challenges the ever more displaced community faces. As in previous years these projects and public engagements will work as a tool to document and serve as a useful historical archive of the current social, environmental and political intricacies of the area for both the local and international public. The tensions in Tulum between the locals and foreign investment who are in turn impacting on the environment will be investigated largely by local emerging artists and collaborators who understand the complexities of the context supporting their projects by local and historical research.

For the 2019 edition the invited artists have been invited to consider Guerrilla tactics in their work as well as ‘The Anthropocene’ in order to respond to the recent expansion of slow and invisible violence that has come with the promise of economic growth, progress and “well being”, as implied by buzz ‘aspirational’ branding like the term “eco chic” while simultaneously disrupting the region’s biodiversity.

Guerrilla tactics, in military terms has implied a small group of insurgents, often using low-tech counter resistance strategies, to infiltrate the system. Our artists will consider such tactics to give voice to local concerns, using local collaborators and site-specific research in order to decode the poetics and aesthetics of disruption and include and encourage conversation amongst the public.

Imagen cortesía de AKI AORA / Image courtesy of AKI AORA


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