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Dimensions Variable presentes shows by Ricardo Alcaide & Felipe Mujica!

July 10—October 2, 2021

101 NW 79th Street
Miami, FL 33150
United States

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Holding the Horizon
By Ricardo Alcaide

Dimensions Variable (DV) presents a solo project by Caracas, Venezuela-born, São Paolo, Brazil-based artist Ricardo Alcaide titled Holding the Horizon. Alcaide will be building site specific rectangular structures along the gallery floor using an ongoing color palette represented in many recent works. Alcaide examines constructed lived-in environments. His minimal aesthetic is influenced by modernist architecture and his site specific works reflect on the social implications of urban planning and ghettoisation.

In 2015, Ricardo Alcaide encountered a public artwork painted on the wall of a parking lot in Miami; it had the inscription We Live in a Rainbow of Chaos. Such phrase, attributed to Paul Cezanne, propelled the artist to start a chromatic investigation based on a distinguishable palette of colors reminiscent of Isaac Newton’s sevenfold rainbow sequence. In Holding the Horizon, his project produced specifically for Dimensions Variable (DV), he continues this line of research. Horizon is an installation with a strong pictorial intention. Reminiscent of minimalist sculpture, it is composed of seven rectangular blocks made out of MDF with an industrial finish. Their top is painted with Alcaide’s palette whilst the lateral sides are painted in gray tones as well as white and black. Such tones and colors reinforce horizontality and a sense of grounding and, simultaneously, provoke that the artist’s rainbow colors acquire a unique intensity and relevance.

Read full text by Daniel Garza Usabiaga here.

By Felipe Mujica

Dimensions Variable (DV) presents a solo project by Santiago, Chile-born, New York-based artist Felipe Mujica. Mujica will be hanging a selection of his signature Cortinas (curtains) in response to the project in the main gallery by Ricardo Alcaide.

Mujica’s work is influenced by the social and political movements of the ’60s and ’70s, and elements from graphic design and advertisement, that bring together the pictorial and popular culture. As a Latin American artist living in the United States, his discourse is influenced by his geographic displacement, since for him there is no center or real periphery.

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