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Archivo Rastro te invita a una visita guiada a la exposición con ocasión de la feria ARCOmadrid 2019


Archivo Rastro 

Curatorial team
Louis-Charles Tiar
Cati Bestard
Marta Sesé

c arte c
Av. Juan Herrera, 2. Madrid

Guided visit with the curators
Saturday, March 2, 5pm
RSVP at hola@archivorastro.com

Archivo Rastro is an exhibition based around a photographic archive generated by buying, digitizing, and cataloguing negatives and slides found in the Rastro — a legendary street market in Madrid. Beginning in September of 2016, we, the curators, periodically visited the Rastro, taking part in its particular rituals, to assemble the archive. We currently have more than 3,000 images in the form of slides and photographic negatives in 35mm, stereographic, and medium format. These sometimes deteriorated objects condense the history of photography, of certain periods and places, as well as the footprints of a multitude of lives.

As part of an investigation into the relationships that arises between the provider of a tool—in this case, an archive of images—and the author of an artistic work, we offered this archive to various artists allowing them free reign to intervene in and add new layers of meaning to images that have passed through a street market.

Participants of Archivo Rastro include Felix R. Cid, Rafael Doctor, Ferran Pla, Cristina Mejías, Cristina De Middel, Miguel Ángel Tornero, Antonio M. Xoubanova, Nicholas F. Callaway and Colectivo Pipol.

Imagen cortesía de Archivo Rastro Image Courtesy of Archivo Rastro

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