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8th Edition of the Programa de Estudios Independientes  (PEI) presented by the MACBA


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The Programa de Estudios Independientes (PEI) [Program of Independent Studies]  will begin its 8th edition in September, reinforcing some of the approaches and methodologies tested in previous editions, with a special concern for the activation of a political imagination in relation to the ecosocial crisis.

In this sense, the PEI, beyond being a space for the affirmation of representations and identities, intends to question closed categories in order to activate an antagonistic imagination that elaborates its aesthetic and political struggle fronts from new possible forms. The PEI considers the organization of knowledge as a political space in which contents are linked to diverse traditions of pedagogical and discursive experimentation, understood not only as subjects of study, but as a set of living practices capable of configuring new spaces for knowledge.

In addition to lectures, the program is articulated through workshops that aim to initiate concrete research projects, both collective and individual, and other formats open to the public in the form of international seminars, monographic courses and conferences. The program understands the study as a collective practice and for this purpose it uses the tools of critical theory, artistic research, cultural materialism, feminist and queer thought and practices, and decolonial criticism.

Duration: September 2021 – September 2022

Enrollment: Reception of applications from April 19 to May 8, 2021 – More info here

Program: From June 8 to June 27, 2021 (Tuition and half tuition scholarship program)

Languages: Most classes are taught in Spanish. Some of the seminars, workshops and conferences are in English

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