X, A Particle That Travels

From the reformulations of the body in times of a pandemic, the researcher Valeria Montoya explores the traceable links between the personal and the common to rethink, from what separates us and from the body itself, how we articulate multiplicities shaped from difference.

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  1. Donna Haraway, The Companion Species Manifesto (Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press, 2015)

  2. Minna Salami, Sensuous Knowledge (Londres: ZED Books, 2020)

  3. Words as “whole”, “entirety”, “totality” represent a methodological and epistemological position that states how systems (whether physical, biological, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be analyzed as a whole and not just through the parts that make them up.

  4. Donna Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto (Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 2016), p.65


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