It's Not Going to Fall, We're Going to Tear It Down: An Interview with Yolanda Benalba

Artist and researcher Liz Misterio interviews artist Yolanda Benalba about two of her recent artworks that expand on transfeminist ethics making way for collective listening and political organization of sexual and gender dissidence.

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  1. In the words of Sayak Valencia: “[T]he transfeminism that we will address here is one that has emerged since 2008 through a network of transnational exchange. It can be located in the Spanish state, but is not of exclusively Spanish manufacture, since it is bisected by the practice and discourse of different migrant voices and corporealities embodied in different conferences, seminars, colloquiums, etc., held from 2008 until today and whose crystallization took place in the ‘Manifesto for Transfeminist Insurrection’ published on January 1, 2010, globally and virally on different websites.” Sayak Valencia, “Interferencias transfeministas y pospornográficas a la colonialidad del ver” [Transfeminist and post-pornographic interferences in the coloniality of seeing], e-misférica 11 (2014): 1-23.

  2. AMETS stands for Alianza Mexicana de Trabajadoras Sexuales (Mexican Alliance of Sex Workers), an autonomous and self-managed organization of activism and collective care in favor of the human and labor rights of sex workers.

  3. The Second Biennial of Arts and Design UNAM 2020 was titled Pedir lo imposible [Asking the Impossible], and was exhibited at the Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte (University Museum of Science and Art), orMUCA. The exhibition opened on February 8, 2020 and was scheduled to close on March 28, 2020.

  4. “Se cumple tres años del feminicio de Lesvy en la UNAM” [It’s Been Three Years Since Lesvy’s murder at UNAM], La Jornada, May 3, 2020. Available here.

  5. Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life (Durham: Duke University Press, 2017), 235.

  6. Ibid., 240.


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