Issue 13: The Split Wall

Mónica Chuji

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Modernity, Development, Interculturality, and Sumak Kawsay, or Buen Vivir

Mónica Chuji, a Kichwa activist from the Ecuadorian Amazon, demonstrated the failure of the discourses of modernity and development in order to call on everyone to urgently listen to the knowledge of «Sumak Kawsay», in turn escaping the productivist vision that is killing us.

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  1. “The amount of the financial bailouts at the beginning of 2009 was calculated as follows: 6.61 trillion dollars that include the financial rescues managed by the Federal Reserve, those of the Stabilization Emergency Law approved in 2008 by 5.75 trillions of dollars, and those of the Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of President Obama for about 800,000 MDD.” See Paola Andrea Zambrano García, Gestión de las crisis financieras. Un análisis a las dinámicas y actores presentes en los planes de rescate: Una aproximación al caso de Estados Unidos. Thesis for the Master in Administration (National University of Colombia, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Administration and Accuntant School, Bogota, Colombia, 2012), p. 36. Accessed on October 4, 2018: [http://bdigital.unal.edu.co/7735/1/940839.2012.pdf].

  2. According to the 2008 Report of the Millennium Development Goals, up to 2005, 80,000 million dollars were allocated as assistance. Via United Nations, Millennium Development Goals, 2008 Report, p. 44–45. Accessed on October 4, 2018: [http://www.un.org/es/millenniumgoals/pdf/MDG_Report_2008_SPANISH.pdf].

  3. According to the report 2015 Report of the Millennium Development Goals, up to 2013 official assistance for bilateral development for sub-Saharan Africa was 25,000 million dollars. Via United Nations, Millennium Development Goals, 2015 Report, p. 63. Accessed on October 4, 2018: [http://www.un.org/es/millenniumgoals/pdf/2015/mdg-report-2015_english.pdf].

  4. David Stout, “Bush Vetoes Children’s Health Bill,” The New York Times, October 3, 2007.

  5. Andrew Clark, “Bush Signs $700bn Economic Bail-Out Plan Approved by Congress,” The Guardian, October 3, 2008.

  6. Translator’s note: Sumak kawsay is a joint knowledge rooted in the Quechua belief system that has been incorporated into the Ecuadorian Constitution.


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