Issue 13: The Split Wall

Iván L. Munuera

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Helados revolucionarios: Coppelia y la arquitectura líquida de La Habana

Iván L. Munuera writes about the urbanistic ecosystem of Havana, stopping at the Coppelia ice cream shop as an allegory of the relationship between architecture and geopolitics.

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  1. The exhibition was commissioned by Beatriz Colomina, Bart-Jan Polman and myself, Iván L. Munuera, with scientific advising from Ingrid Brioso Rieumont, Latin America specialist in Princeton’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese whose research centers on Cuba and the Caribbean. We carried out field work, interviews, project reconstruction, and newspaper and archival work, which led to the production of two simultaneous publications designed by Fru*Fru: one with texts, credits, and maps of the exhibition and the projects it examines, and another that functions as a reader, edited and translated by Ingrid Brioso Rieumont, which contained selected texts on Cuban architecture and urbanism in Havana, taken from various sources.


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