Towards a Radical Pedagogy of Proxemics and the Inhabitable

Tadeo Cervantes, architect and historian, talks with Lia García about her artistic work and her quest to frustrate the proxemics that defines public space and its consequent individual and distant construction among the bodies that inhabit it.

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  1. The asterisk following the word trans* is used to indicate that this identity functions as an umbrella term for many transitionary identities. This mechanism opposes thinking of trans* as a fixed category that can be reduced to the well-known T in the acronym LGBTTIQ+ (transgender and transsexual).

  2. The term okupy, rather than occupy, is used here in reference to the political movement okupa (the term used in Spain for squatting) to indicate the right to reclaim space in buildings that have been stripped from the commons.

  3. The Alameda Central in Mexico City was remodeled during López Obrador’s term as mayor (2000–2005) as part of the Partial Urban Development Program for the Alameda Central, a program which initiated a process of gentrification, displacement, and social cleansing in an effort to break up the public space inhabited by working-class groups and minorities through “[the criminalization of] alterity and poverty with the aim of reducing insecurity.” Adrian Hernández Cordero, “Gentrificación y desplazamiento: la zona de la Alameda, Ciudad de México” in Perspectivas del estudio de la gentrificación en México y America Latina, eds. Victor Delgadillo, Iban Díaz y Luis Salinas (Mexico: Instituto de Geografía Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2015), 255–273.

  4. A Mexican lawyer and trans* activist.

  5. Alessa Flores was a trans* activist, sex worker, and sex work advocate involved in the Red de Juventudes Trans (Network of Trans* Youth). She was murdered on October 13, 2016.

  6. Paola Ledezma was a trans* sex worker who was murdered on September 30, 2016.

  7. Kenya Cueva is a trans* activist and human rights and HIV-prevention advocate.


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