Talisman (2021) by Carlos Motta for Club Terremoto

MXN 30,000.00

4 sets of 4 handmade black obsidian mirrors featuring a series of 4 laser-engraved drawings with liquid gold leaf filling
4,5 x 0,05 in
Edition of 16 + 4 Artist Proofs + 4 Workshop Samples
Produced in collaboration with TAJO Taller, Mexico City

The purchase of this piece includes a courtesy membership to Club Terremoto 2021.
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Last available editions:

“I am happy to support Terremoto by making an edition for its annual fundraising efforts. Since its inception, Terremoto has elevated the critical discourses of Latin American art with insightful features and reviews of some of the most relevant artists and artworks of our time. Broad in scope but focused in intention, the magazine has contributed fresh and challenging content for a professional art audience. I always look forward to reading its issues and to learn about emerging and established art writers and their ideas.”

– Carlos Motta

Artist Carlos Motta has created Talisman (2021) a series of four laser-engraved drawings on obsidian stone depicting hands grasping hands, objects, animals, and body parts. Inspired fragments of “The Mountain of Abundance” mural (450-600AD) in Teotihuacan, Mexico, the engravings refer to actions of human labor, collective social rituals, human-animal interactions, and erotically- charged human relations. Together, these four talismans constitute a set of objects assigned magical powers by the artist. This personal mythology of human interactions is intended to protect and heal the individuals that come in contact with them.

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