La verdad, Jose Clemente Orozco: Final Cut special edition (complete serie + book)

EUR 333.78

La verdad, 2021
Digital print on Matte Tecco paper
27.5 x 19.5 cm
Limited edition of 20 each drawing (5 drawings available)

For the Third Exhibition of the National College in 1945, Orozco exhibited a series of 70 drawings under the title The Truth. This set of images dealt with adaptations of the time around the classicist allegory—represented through female personifications—, monstrous images and caricatured violence; which took shape in grotesque figures around tyrants, madmen, matrons, buffoons and devils. By adding later the subtitle of The Twisted, Deformed, Altered, Mutilated, Defaced Truth, this set of drawings addresses the artist’s critical-historical sense in relation to the articulation of power, world militarism and political corruption at the end of World War II. Later, these images would be published as a 20-drawing facsimile album which was published that same year. The album is displayed in the publication—and its respective exhibition in the Arizona State University Art Museum—that accompanies this special edition: José Clemente Orozco: Final Cut.

This limited edition is made up of the 5 drawings from La verdad series and the book José Clemente Orozco: Final Cut

Photograph: Fabiola Torres-Alzaga

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