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Spanish / English
64 pages
Soft cover, printed in color
14 x 16 cm
ISBN: 978-607-98750-4-6

“In the digital era, there exists a need for images to generate a physical presence in the public sphere”.

DECLARACIÓNES CUERPO is a publication that accompanies the digital exhibition of the same name, curated by Valeria Caballero Aguilar and Sofía Enríquez González for the Centro de la Imagen, that inquire about representations of the body from two geographies: Chile and Mexico, whose recent history has been marked by the feminist movement, the onslaught of neoliberal capitalism, and the hyperaceleration of technological advancement, thus drawing a constellation of signifiers that trace some visual contemporary discourses about the noise of the body, and how from there worlds can be made.

Edited by Ana Gabriela García & Jesús A. Villalobos Fuentes

Texts by Valeria Caballero Aguilar & Sofía Enríquez González

Works by María Ruiz, Gabriel Rendón, Diego Figueroa González, Zayi Yaxbité, Ada Navarro, Andrea Murcia Monsiváis, Valentina Sepúlveda-Vveldass, Francia Aguilar Salazar, Persia Campbell, Paula Henríquez, Alicia Cruz, Mayra López, Eric Allende González, Mar Coyol, Pablo Olivares Díaz, Aimee Melo, Juan Hoppe Ellicker, Naomi Madariaga Navarrete, Cholita Chic, Mariana Boubet Neumann, Santy Mito, Aurorelunar, Emilia Duclos, María Hurtado Izquierdo, Fernanda Requena, Frida Alin, Catalina Cea S., Cerea, Memo Hojas, Giovanna Wilson

Designed by Surya Son

Find the print at the Centro de la Imagen and visit the digital exhibition here.


Photograph: César Peralta


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