Barbie Homotopia by artist Romeo Gómez López

MXN 5,000.00

This series is made up of unique works that were used as paddles to bid during the 2nd Terremoto Benefit Auction, which was held on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

By revisiting the nationwide demonstrations led by the group “National Family Front’’ that managed to revoke the inclusion of sexual diversity in educational content and same-sex marriage in some parts of Mexico, this project explores the political potentialities of body aesthetics through the making of a series of 30 dolls depicting the protagonists of antagonistic groups – members of the LGBT+ Pride parade and the March for the Family of Mexican conservatives.

Like dolls, bodies are exploited by conservative power groups to obliterate what they consider a threat to their values: equal rights. The harmony of the white shirts and the sky blue scarves harbored by the protesters of the National Family Front, defeated the colorful spectacle of sexual freedom displayed by the LGBT+ movement that supported equal rights and educational policies.

In order to shed light on the inequality of rights in Mexico and share it with a community of collectors in Mexico, these polarized paddles between cuirs and conservatives seek to raise awareness and foster solidarity and alliances with cuir artists.

Romeo Gómez López (Mexico City, 1991) is a visual artist who works with religion, celebrities, soap operas, science fiction and other pop culture references, to infuse them with a much-needed and well-overdue dose of faggotry, thus creating a pastiche that criticizes the conservativeness that still runs across the arts in Mexico.

Nightmarish alternate worlds contained in dioramas, sex shows with puppets or toys, are some of the elements that make up his work, which represents a resistance to the expectation of compulsory heterosexuality and a personal vision that is nourished by humor and a pornographic imagination.

He is co-foundress of Salón Silicón, a gallery that focuses on creating awareness and disseminating the work of women artists and members of the LGBTI + community.

Recognizing that Mexico is the second most dangerous country for LGTB people in the world, 50% of the proceeds of the paddles will go to organizations that support this population Casa Frida (CDMX), Casa de las Muñecas (CDMX) and Impulso Trans (Guadalajara).

The dolls are an edition of 30, and are sold at a unit price of $ 5,000 MXN pesos. Each doll comes with its acrylic pedestal.


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Available: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 25, 28 & 29

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