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Volviendo a los descalzos (caminos dominicales)

DiabloRosso, Panamá City
February 2, 2018 – March 17, 2018

DiabloRosso presents Volviendo a los descalzos (caminos dominicales), a solo exhibition by Juan Pablo Garza.

Juan Pablo Garza was born in 1980 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and lives in Miami, Florida. During the last years, he has been working in a variety of media, including, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, video and mixed media works.

His most recent work presents a plethora of intervened objects that interact and transform between them by mere proximity. The presence of these day-to-day and silent objects moves between truth and fiction. Its process is committed to the constant collection and continuous search of associations, interactions, and accidents within its relationship with its immediate environment. Garza works regularly with found materials, creating volumes and paths that function as constructions of expressive material in his own universe, focusing his work as a container of ideas, as an information vehicle.

Garza’s work does not follow a logical process but is based on subjective relationships, contradictions, and parallels. His work is a unit of continuous movement between different coordinates and multiple lectures. It presents a mutable, open, and malleable character. A process-oriented towards a formal and conceptual alteration to suggest content. Encouraging the viewer to make new personal associations in which fiction meets reality and the natural with the artificial.

Garza conceives the creative process as a tool for research and knowledge; as an active way of relating to the world. The constant formulation of questions is vital to open new possibilities and directions in his creative process. Random encounters with different materials, objects, and fragments that seek to interact, fit in, linger, hover or juxtapose to create a harmonious nexus. Inviting the viewer to explore them, to unlearn in order to relearn, and to get rid of everything you know and enter the unknown.


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