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Santiago García Navarro

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RUB. Perspectivas sobre la obra de Diego Bianchi

EXTRACTS is a section in which we share excerpts from texts published by Temblores Publicaciones, Terremoto’s publishing house. We present our third extract, “Every Artist is a Communist” from RUB, a publication that revises recent works by Argentine artist Diego Bianchi.

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  1. The Buenos Aires city government has offered a series of tax breaks and other incentives to businesses in those fields that open office in certain, generally speaking poor, neighborhoods.

  2. There are whole sentences (almost all of them altered in some way) from Gouiric, Barthes, Preciado, Deleuze, and Sztulwarck; concepts, ideas, commentaries, and hypotheses from research by Foucault, Scafati, Han, Cortés Rocca, Crary, Virno, Stein, Bey, Flom, Erickson-Kery, los Redondos, Gago, Negri, Ladagga, Speranza, Berardi, Katzenstein, Herrero, Granieri, Rancière, Cortázar, Masvernat, Zelko, Mongan, Gatto, Bianchi, Debord, if not others.


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