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Sketch, Bogotá, Colombia
February 2, 2017 – March 15, 2017

SIberia 3_Fernando Zuluaga_Tinta sobre papel_8.3X1.7

Fernando Zuluaga_Obra_03

Sketch_Fernando Zuluaga_vistas de sala_20

This individual exhibition explores the relationship between the idea of territory and landscape, from the non-objective interpretation of the mental process of observation, interpretation and/or assimilation. Through the cognitive combination of the elements observed, in this case, a cement factory abandoned in the middle of a field, a dialogue is established with the environment, where thus, being subjectively manipulated becomes a series of sculptures, drawings and interventions that lead us to an idea of an unknown territory.

Siberia is born out of the interest to configure and construct an idea of the landscape from the subjective exploration of an existing territory; by extracting elements of this landscape, it is possible to initiate a dialogue on the notion of territory and contemporary landscape through a relative and not pictorial construction of its natural elements.

According to historian Javier Maderuelo, “the concept of landscape is a construct, a mental elaboration that we make from ‘what you see’ when contemplating a territory, a country. The landscape is not, therefore, an object or a set of objects configured by nature or transformed by human action, nor is its nature, not even the physical environment that surrounds us or on which we stand. Landscape, as a concept, is the linkage that allows us to interpret the qualities of a territory, site or place in cultural and aesthetic terms.”

Being the landscape a cultural creation, that is, human; the intention of Zuluaga’s work is not to recognize a particular site, but the desire to construct through the hand of fiction and narrative, a climate, a feeling of place that can refer us to an unknown territory, and therefore generate new ways of looking at and judging landscapes.


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