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Scenes with Flat Objects

Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
January 30, 2016 – May 15, 2016




Artists: Elena Bajo, Debora Delmar Corp., Donna Huanca, Tania Pérez Córdova, Lucia Elena Prusa and Elena del Rivero

This is a story of weightless facts.

The events that make up this story take place on the limits of diverse objects. These objects are the consequences of past events.

In this story, colors and shapes are actions; contours and silhouettes are deliberate decisions; transparencies and opacities are arguments; glares and shadows are questions; variations on flatness are dialogues.

This story is a sequence of fragile acts that achieved to maintain the necessary degree of permanence to constitute themselves as narrative developments. The staging is set according to a sensitive range in which spatial and temporal dimensions are involved in an emphatic fragmentation. Objects and bodies have come to an arrangement.

1. Accumulation of dust 2. A man flexes his biceps to show off his strength 3. An Internet image is enlarged x100 its original size. 4. A leather jacket is worn regularly in a European city 5. The sunlight is reflected through a north-facing window 6. A portable section of color is shipped by a delivery company 7. Unidentified liquids spill on a surface 8. George Clooney pretends to drink a Fortissio Lungo whilst inside a photo studio 9. A piece of Cinefoil absorbs a moderate amount of light in an interior space 10. Silicon drops are pressed by two sheets of Plexiglas 11. A portable section of color inside a suitcase crosses the Atlantic Ocean 12. George Clooney is photographed while pretending to have a conversation with another person on a Mediterranean island 13. An image showing a small bloodstain is magnified x100 revealing a uniform neon pink hue 14. There are some camera films sat by a window 15. A piece of canvas is mended 16. A leather glove is filled with plaster 17. An amount of soapless paraben-free Avène gel cleanser is poured on a glass surface that has been exposed to the air of Mexico City for a certain period of time.


Photo: Samantha Cendeja
Courtesy of Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara

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